What We Do

The Duradie Process

At Duradie we know that reliability, innovation and on-time deliveries are essential to your success when awarding tooling contracts. For this reason, we have designed a process that will ensure that all of your requirements are met helping you make decisions with ease and confidence.

Quick Quote Guarantee

Starting with the quote, Duradie works to meet your needs and facilitate your decisions throughout the tooling process. Once a request for a quote is received, our team goes to work immediately. We assess the information provided and turn around a firm, detailed quote within 48 hours – guaranteed! This is the Duradie Quick Quote Guarantee, and applies to all tooling, revisions and laser cutting requests. We are able to provide this guarantee because all of your work will be done at our facility which ensures that no subcontractor delays or price variances can occur.


Once Duradie is awarded the contract for your tooling project, full project management begins utilizing ISO 9001 quality standards. We provide your company with a job reference number that allows you easily and securely track the progress of your tool on-line – 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week through our website portal. This will include access to all relevant data, timelines and recent images related to your tooling project.


CAD Design
Once we have collected all of the data for your job, including your company’s specific technical standards, we proceed to the design phase of your project. At Duradie, we work with state-of-the-art technology to produce completely integrated and parametric CAD designs that will meet and exceed your products specifications and quality standards. Complete in-house design assures customers that all projects including design specifications and technical criteria are accurately incorporated. Our vaulted file management system guarantees all designs are current and real time. Duradie’s finished products match the designs – guaranteed.

Duradie proves all design process integrity through the use of Metal Forming Simulation software to identify and eliminate potential areas of concern prior to tool build.


With your design and process completed and proven, we move to the actual building phase of the tooling. At Duradie, we have brought together all of the latest in Multi Axis CNC Machining and Wire EDM technology along with up to 110 tons of overhead lifting capacity to enable us to complete the manufacturing of the entire job in-house. Our team performs all CNC programming and machining to ensure optimal control over lead times and quality of work.


Initial Sample
In recognizing the distinct value of receiving high quality initial samples off “soft” tooling, Duradie has brought this service in-house through the introduction of our NTC TLM610 (5 Axis) Laser System and a Flow Dynamic WaterJet system.

To accelerate the tooling process and ensure the precision of production tools, we can produce laser cut samples off “soft” production tooling for pre-production purposes. Our fully trained craftsmen along with integrated CAD software are at your service to provide the finest quality laser cutting that will exceed your expectations.

We have also developed a quick change part holding laser fixturing system to complete the sample manufacturing process.

Our range of tryout presses, up to 1250 tons, allows us to best approximate your production environment, identifying and eliminating problems before they happen.


Part Verification
Part verification is an essential element of the Duradie process. Once the tooling is completed, we run samples at our in-house tryout facilities and complete Initial Sample Reports (ISR). Through our fully computerized CMM machine we can complete GR&R studies, full part layouts and capability (CPK) studies that will assure the accuracy and quality of both the tooling and the produced components.

Our Duradie Onsite Support team also accompany your tooling to your facility to provide setup support and expedite your part approval process.

It is our goal to ensure that all projects exceed your standards and expectations, and arrive on time, every time.

Duradie Technologies Inc. – Your reliable, single source for today’s challenging tooling!