Duradie Technologies Inc. has a dedicated full time team of experts that are sure to get your project done on time and on budget every time. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers satisfied.

32000 sq. foot air-conditioned facility with 1 acre available for expansion

Software, Computers & Peripherals

(18) Complete CAD-CAM – Work Stations with vaulted Project Management
Mechanical Desktop & Auto Cad
Think 3 Solid Modeling with Hyper Mill
Catia V5
Check Mate Pro and PC-DMIS CMM software
DynaForm & FastBlank Draw Die Simulation
Cadkey and KeyCreator
TransMagic File Conversion
Complete on and off site backup archiving system


(1) 4 Star Fixed Column Machining Center 5 axis (4.2m X 2.8m X 1.0m)
(2) Dah Lih high speed CNC horizontal machining center (2.1m X 1.4m X 1.0m)
(1) Stanko CNC horizontal boring mill (2.5m X 1.6m X 1.2m)
(3) Dah Lih CNC vertical machining centers (2.0m X 0.9m X 0.8m) with FANUC O-M controls
(1) Dah Lih CNC multi pallet horizontal machining center (0.9m X 0.8m X 0.8m) with FANUC 21i controls
(2) Dah Lih CNC vertical machining centers (1.5m X 0.8m X 0.8m) with FANUC O-M controls
(1) OKK CNC MCV 800 vertical machining center (1.6m X 0.8m X 0.7m) with Heidenhaim controls
(1) Sodick Wire EDM machine AQ325L
(1) Sodick Wire EDM machine AP600
(1) Sodick Wire EDM machine AQ535LH

Tryout Presses

Clearing 1250 Ton punch press 2.15m X 3.75m – 1.30m SH with 300 T air cushion
Version 1000 ton punch press 2.60m X 3.55m – 1.48m SH
(2) Danly 300 ton punch press 1.83m x 1.83m – 1.15m SH


SWF Overhead crane system (1) 20 ton, (3) 11 ton , (2) 5 ton
25 ton / 12 ton / 5 ton Propane Lift Trucks


NTC TLM610 (5 AXIS) LASER CUTTING SYSTEM (3.0m X 1.8m X 0.9m cutting area)
Flow Dynamic Water Jet Cutting System (4.0m X 2.0m cutting area)
(1) Stanko 2.5m radial arm drill
(1) Stanko 1.5m radial arm drill
(2) Kao Ming 1.5m radial arm drills
Microweily Lathe Promecam 3.0m power shear

(1) Dah Lih universal milling machine
(1) Stanko heavy duty universal vertical Milling Machine
(5) First Universal milling machines with Heidenhaim digital readouts
(2) Chevalier universal surface grinders
(2) Chevalier automatic surface grinders
Lincoln TIG & MIG Wave Welder

Fanamation CMM (2.5m X 1.2m X 1.0m measuring envelope)
DEA CMM  (1.8m X 1.0m X 1.0m measuring envelope)